GRA Life Assurance Plan

GRA Life Assurance Plan

This plan provides a tax free lump sum payment in the event of the death of a member, spouse/partner or children. Benefits are underwritten by Irish Life.



Serving Members

Age 20-40 next birthday - €350,000                            Age 41-60 next birthday - €225,000

Age 61-65 next birthday - €100,000                           

Retired Members

Age 51-55 next birthday - €175,000                          Age 56-60 next birthday - €150,000

Age 61-65 next birthday - €85,000                            Age 66-70 next birthday - €10,000


Spouses/partners are covered for benefit of €115,000 until such time as the member retires or ceases to be a member of the association.


The following benefits are also included at no additional cost to the member;

  • Death cover for children of members aged 0-21 of €7,500.
  • If a serving member loses a limb or eye or is paralysed, as a result of an accident, a benefit of €30,000 is payable.
  • Student Gardaí are included for €15,000 life assurance cover for their period of training

Cost and Tax Relief:

The gross premium is €7.50 per week, of which €6.00 per week qualifies for tax which is given by Garda Pay as a topline deduction. The net premium is €5.04 per week. A members payslip will show deductions for GRA Life A (€6.00) and GRA Life B (€1.50).

Please note, that as this plan is based on a group affinity scheme and is set up Trust, approved by the Revenue Commisioners, it cannot be assigned as collateral on a loan or mortgage.

Retired GRA Members

While Life Assurance continues for GRA members once they retire, the automatic cover their spouse had for €115,000 ceases. If you are retiring soon or have recently retired, please contact Penpro (01-2000100) to arrange Retired Members Spouse Insurance. You can use our Online Quote System to get an idea of the cover you would like to arrange.